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Convocatoria de propuestas sobre la red de la UE de jóvenes supervivientes de cáncer - CR-g-24-45 ( EU4H-2024-PJ-02-4)


Convocatoria de propuestas sobre la red de la UE de jóvenes supervivientes de cáncer - CR-g-24-45 ( EU4H-2024-PJ-02-4)

Categoría temática:

  • Sanidad y Seguridad Alimentaria



Descripción y objetivos:

Objective:This action supports the implementation of the Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan to support childhood cancer and implements the EU4Health Programme’s general objective to improve and foster health in the Union (Article 3, point (a), of Regulation (EU) 2021/522) through the specific objectives defined in Article 4, points (a) and (g), of Regulation (EU) 2021/522.The overall aim of maintaining the networks is to continue the collaboration between different existing stakeholder organisations and, through this network to further support social networking and further develop user friendly digital tools to easily access the information and improve the links amongst individuals, patients, children, adolescents and young adults (CAYA) cancer survivors, carers, researchers, and social and health professionals active in cancer prevention and care across the Union and countries associated to the EU4Health Programme. In addition, a healthy lifestyle promoting network could also be integrated in the mobile application and website. Furthermore, the network will consider relapse / metastatic cancer. The network should support and provide all the necessary information related to metastatic cancer.The network will foster social networking, peer-support, coaching, knowledge-exchange, and aims at improving:a) the quality of life of survivors (including mental health, education and career support, follow-up care and transition);b) the care for adolescents and young adults (AYA) with cancer (including metastatic cancer);c) Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) along the whole treatment and survivorship trajectory;d) promote healthy lifestyles through interaction and exchange with peers, with people with a similar disease history, with friends as well as with healthcare organisations. Scope:This action is meant to maintain and further develop the ‘EU Network of Youth Cancer Survivors’ to foster social networking, peer-support, coaching, knowledge-exchange and improve the quality of life of young cancer survivors. The action is a follow-up project to the action grants EU4H-2021-PJ-04 (EU-CAYAS-NET project and OACCUs project). Expected Impact:The action will:a) improve the communication between children, adolescent, and young adult cancer survivors, formal and informal carers, and civil society;b) strengthen the knowledge on how to make a difference in the lives of young people with cancer and survivors;c) increase the knowledge and support for patients with relapse and metastatic cancer;d) increase the knowledge and support for patients on how to tackle the side-effects of treatments.e) provide resources for survivors to learn how to become an advocate to bring key messages and knowledge on cancer survivorship to main target groups (survivors, healthcare professionals, researchers, health policy makers).f) provide resources for survivors to pursue a healthier lifestyle, notably via sport and physical activities, healthier nutrition and mental wellbeing.The action contributes to Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan flagship initiative on paediatric cancer, which specifically mentions the EU Network of Youth Cancer Survivors as being directly linked with the activities of the “Childhood cancers and cancers in adolescents and young adults: cure more and cure better” initiative. This initiative, supported under the Horizon Europe Cancer Mission, will directly benefit from the deliverables of this action. Conditions 1. Admissibility conditions: described in section 5 of the call document  Proposal page limits and layout: described in Part B of the Application Form available in the Submission System 2. Eligible countries: described in section 6 of of the call document 3. Other eligibility conditions: described in section 6 of the call document 4. Financial and operational capacity and exclusion: described in section 7 of the call document 5. Evaluation and award: Award criteria, scoring and thresholds: described in section 9 of the call document Submission and evaluation processes: described section 8 of the call document and the Online Manual Indicative timeline for evaluation and grant agreement: described in section 4 of the call document 6. Legal and financial set-up of the grants: described in section 10 of the call document Documents Call documents: Call document Standard application form ([ToA])  Detailed budget table ([ToA]) EU4Health Programme General MGA v1.1 EU4Health Work Programme 2024 EU4Health Regulation 2021/522 EU Financial Regulation 2018/1046

Acciones previstas:

Esta convocatoria cubre los siguientes temas:

Organizaciones que pueden participar:

Abierto para entidades legalmente constituidas y localizadas en alguna de las zonas de actuación de cualquiera de los siguientes tipos:

  • Cualquier tipo de organización

Zonas de actuacion:

  • Las entidades u organizaciones que participen deberán disponer de su sede social en el ámbito geográfico siguiente:
    • Unión Europea (UE)

Financiacion comunitaria:

La previsión de financiación comunitaria disponible para la convocatoria de propuestas es:

  • Presupuesto global: 5000000 €

Fechas a tener en cuenta:

  • 2024-06-18 02:00:00 : Fecha inicio de presentación de propuestas
  • 2024-10-10 19:00:00 : Fecha límite de presentación de propuestas

Dirección general responsable:

  • Dirección General de Sanidad y Protección de los Consumidores: Rue Breydel, 4. 1040 - Bruxelles
  • Dirección General de Sanidad y Protección de los Consumidores: Rue Froissart, 101, 1040 - Bruxelles
  • Dirección General de Sanidad y Protección de los Consumidores: Rue Robert Stumper 11, L-2557 Luxembourg/Gasperich


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