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  • ARTCYCLING COOP: Artes decorativas sostenibles e inclusivas/ARTCYCLING COOP: Sustainable and inclusive decorative arts
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ARTCYCLING COOP: Artes decorativas sostenibles e inclusivas/ARTCYCLING COOP: Sustainable and inclusive decorative arts

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Acrónimo y código:


Páginas Web:



Periodo de programación:


Area temática:

  • Asuntos sociales, Juventud e Igualdad de oportunidades
  • Educación, Cultura, Deporte y Turismo


Europa Creativa

Subprograma y/o convocatoria:

Cultura CREA-1-2015-1

Periodo de ejecución:

  • Fecha de inicio: 1 de mayo de 2015
  • Fecha de finalización: 30 de abril de 2018

Lider y/o coordinador del proyecto:

Fundación INTRAS

Socios del proyecto:

  • Fundación INTRAS
  • Retextil (Hungría)
  • Cultura21 Nordic (Dinamarca)
  • PacificStream (Reino Unido)

Entidades participantes de Castilla y León:

Fundación INTRAS: sedes en Valladolid, Zamora, Salamanca, Burgos, Palencia y Ávila

Tipo de entidad participante:

Organizaciones y entidades


Artcycling Coop is a European initiative based on the upcycling concept, that is to say, reuse and recycle waste materials to create valuable, useful or simply aesthetically pleasing objects. Thus, we wanted to provoke critical thinking on general society on issues like social and environmental challenges or the throw-away world we are living nowadays.

Artcycling gave a unique opportunity to 85 European artists from underrepresented groups, especially those with disabilities, as for instance mental health issues, to develop their creativity and to enter/reenter the labour market. Artcycling proposed an innovative business model based on new technologies, wasted materials, traditional handcraft and social and environmental responsibility to create a
transnational cooperative of artcyclers working under the common label 3R+I_Art: reused, recycled, reduced and inclusive art.

Artcycling provided the selected artists with skills for social entrepreneurship, social and fiscal independence and increase awareness and appreciation of our local histories, resources and products in a manner which links the resources in our past with a positive, independent and sustainable path for individuals, local communities and Europe. Besides, the artists acquired ICT skills for the design of new works of art and also for the creation of the catalogue of the Artcycling on-line shop where the 90 artworks included can be bought by anybody.
Artcycling inspires other people and collectives to be more social and environmentally sustainable with several artistic showrooms in Spain, Hungary and Denmark, with the edition of two manuals showing how to include upcycling art as a part of our life and with the creation of an on-line course to introduce children to this amazing world.

Art can be a useful tool to fight against stigma and discrimination and to promote a respectful mentality with our environment and with the handcraft, with well-done things, encouraging people to think of new and creative ways to use things, instead of simply buying new consumer goods.

Presupuesto y financiación:

  • Presupuesto total: 138.126,10 €
  • Financiación concedida por la UE: 138.126,10 €